Garage Door Opener Repair Burbank / New Opener Installation.

Is your garage door refusing to close? There is a good chance you have an issue with the garage door opener. Don’t call our garage door opener repair Burbank team just yet; it may be a simple-fix you can resolve without the help of a professional.  For instance, is your wall switch dead but the remote works just fine? Simply unscrew the wall switch and touch the wires onto the terminal. You can also check to see if the issue is with the trolley. If there is a grinding sound and no movement from the door, you probably need a new trolley. Call our garage door opener repair Burbank team now! Then, we can walk you through some step-by-step instructions regarding other potential easy fixes. If none of those pan out our team will be there in 30-60 minutes!

24/7 Garage Door Opener Repair in Burbank.

When your garage door knocks out, you need immediate help from our garage door opener repair Burbank crew. We understand that your property and family are vulnerable when your garage door won’t close. That is why we are on call around the clock ready to speed off to your home even if it is 3AM on Thanksgiving Day. We know that garage doors can break at any time. That is why “normal business hours” are not in our vocabulary. Our garage door opener repair Burbank experts are ready to help, and we don’t even charge additional fees for late hour calls. Phone us today and experience true 24-hour top-quality garage door repair services.

Garage Door Opener Safety.

Our skilled garage door opener repair Burbank team wants homeowners  to be aware that garage doors can weigh over 500 pounds and can crash down killing pets and children. Every year garage door accidents fall and break bones, cause brain injuries, and claim lives. Did you know that garage doors have a flight path where parts can fly due to the heavy levels of tension; if a spring wears down and snaps, parts can fly like rockets and enter your body like a bullet being fired from a gun.

You should also be aware that garage door openers are outfitted with automatic reverse devices built in and they are manufactured to pick up the pressure that occurs when someone’s head is clamped into the door. With any shred of luck the door will reverse. But take heed because the system has a major drawback: the required pressure needed to trigger the safety feature is adjustable by the homeowner.

Garage Door Opener Types.

Three primary types of garage door openers monopolize the market. In addition, our garage door opener repair Burbank techs have training and certification to work on all three.

Chain Drive – The most common one we work on. It has a chain used to move the trolley—the part that allows your door to move up and down. This type of opener is the most affordable, but they are extremely noisy which can exclude them from selection if the homeowner has a room above or next to the garage.

Belt Drive – These garage door openers use a belt instead of a chain to open and close the door. These openers are silent and are popular models for attached garages, however, the cost is much greater than the chain models.

Screw Drive – This garage door opener rotates a threaded steel rod, and it grants the trolley mobility. Our garage door opener repair Burbank says these are easy to work with. This is because they contain less parts than the other types do.  A screw drive opener also requires less maintenance.

Our garage door opener repair in Burbank team is all geared up. At all times, we are ready to head to your home to address the issue with your garage door, no matter what time it is. If you discover the problem at midnight don’t hesitate; call us right away and we will come out and fix the damage at a price you will love.