Garage Door Spring Repair, Torsion & Extension / Cable Replacement.

If your garage door won’t function, there is a chance you might have a broken spring. A large majority of our calls revolve around doors with broken springs. This is why we have experts in garage door spring repair Burbank, CA. We have extensive training and ready to respond to your call. Customers love our guys for these primary reasons:

  • 24/7 service around the clock.
  • Lowest prices in Burbank guaranteed.
  • All techs have license and certification.
  • Best customer service experience you will have.
  • 25-point inspection on all calls.
  • FAST response time of 30-60 minutes.

So, with our low prices, friendly and competent service, and speedy arrival time you will be glad you called our garage door spring repair team!

How to Repair Garage Door Springs?

You should never try to repair garage door springs. Of course, unless you have training and certification. Torsion springs work under incredible pressure. Therefore, all it takes is for the slightest wrong move or someone using the wrong tool and parts can fly causing property damage, slicing off fingers, the loss of limbs and even cause a fatality. Our garage door spring repair Burbank team knows where the flight path of parts fly and we know just where to stand. However, to this day we have never caused any such damage because we know garage door springs like we know our own backwards.

Burbank Garage Door Spring Repair.

When you are looking for Burbank garage door spring repair services, give us a call. We guarantee satisfaciton because we are true masters at performing this dangerous job. The first thing to know is what kind of springs we are dealing with. There are torsion springs and extension springs. If you have springs that slide on a bar and that are above its opening, you have torsion springs. If you have springs running alongside the opening of the door, then you have extension springs.

Not all garage door repair Burbank, CA companies have training or the tools to work on both types of springs. Our technicians are masters at making repairs or replacing both types of springs. We know exactly what kind of springs to use, the right size, and precisely where to place them to ensure your garage door operates smoothly without a risk of the door falling down on beloved pets or worse yet, children. So, if you have the wrong springs or the size is not right, your door could fall down with a tremendous force. As a result, this can cause major injuries or even death. Call our garage door spring repair Burbank, CA team. Then, our friendly crew offer you the lowest price in town on our expert services so that we can restore order back into your life. So, contact Us Today!